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Guy Hickling @GuyHickling

Accessibility Consultant
at Independant consultant in London, UK

Available Freelance or Fulltime www.enigmaticweb.com
I love to teach: Web accessibility and the WCAG 2.0
I mentor nice people

I am an independent accessibility professional with expert knowledge of the WCAG and the accessibility industry. I do testing and audits for WCAG compliance on a full time basis. And I was a web developer myself for 15 years before specializing in accessibility, so my test reports all contain detailed instructions to the developers for fixing the accessibility issues found. 

I have done testing and audits for many major companies including various websites of two global banks testing sites in the US, UK and Far East. Also a global legal company based in the US, the main UK telecoms provider and many other companies in the UK and US. Details and CV available on request.




Accessibility, WCAG 2.0 and 2.1, HTML, CSS, ARIA, ADA



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