Alison Becker

is looking for

User Experience Developer, Javascript / Angular

Job Type: Freelance
Starts: 19 May 2015 (date is tentative)
Lasts: 52 weeks

Salary: TBD

Looking for talented UX Developers with Javascript and Angular skills. Long term contract with Financial Institution, Downtown Boston Location. Award winning UX team.
Must Have... • Proficiency in responsive development, HTML, HTML 5, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, and toolkits such as jQuery a must. • Familiarity with Silverlight, ASP, PHP as well as Microsoft Access and SQL databases • Hands-on experience with Web Accessibility and Responsive Web Design • Act as the bridge between starry-eyed creative thinkers and pragmatic engineers. -Knowledge of Angular framework components (services, controllers, filters, factories, etc) and how/when they should be used -Knowledge of the benefits of using a framework like angular -Architectural knowledge of an angular application (modules) -Experience creating Single Page Applications To contact me, please see below.

Questions? Contact:


Alison Becker @AlisonBecker

Senior Creative Recruiter
at Starpoint Solutions in Boston, MA

Contact me: Best times to reach me is between 9 and 5 M-F. If I'm not available please leave a message. email me at abecker@starpoint.com

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